Leone Black Edition Æfingataska/bakpoki

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This gym bag-backpack is an extremely capacious product. Able to accommodate 70 Liters, is the best choice for professionals fighters and those who practice disciplines that require the use of many and bulky accessories. It is a very versatile item, in fact it has the possibility of being used in two configurations: as a bag and as a backpack, extracting the sturdy shoulder straps from a zipped pocket at the bottom. The main pocket is certainly the widest, but has three more pockets, two on sides and one on front, comfortable to insert all those clothes and accessories that need to be dried. In fact, all three pockets have a mesh part that favors the exchange of air in the pocket. Furthermore, its appeal fits perfectly into the Black &white edition line thanks to the opaque waterprooffabric and the striking silver details.

  • HEIGHT : 65 cm
  • WIDTH: 35 cm
  • DEPTH: 32 cm
  • CAPACITY: 70 L