Hayabusa Double End Bag

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Precision Training Size

Effortless Setup

Heightens Reflexes

Double End Ball

A fast, elusive, and addictive training tool that puts your reflexes to the test. The Hayabusa Double End Ball is equipped with lightweight shock cords and a miniature rebound ball designed to challenge your punch accuracy, speed, & timing. Fully adjustable from top to bottom, with a quick and easy setup that takes only minutes. The small footprint makes the Double End Ball an ideal home training tool, perfect for home gyms, garages, or even small apartments

  • The small 2.5-inch ball is ideal for honing speed, accuracy, & timing
  • The reflex ball seamlessly adjusts to any height
  • Lightweight shock cord rebounds quickly for high-speed training
  • Variable training orientation (vertically/horizontally) 
  • Quick and easy setup using carabiners, screw-in hooks, and cord locks