Hayabusa Double End Heavy Bag Anchor

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Maximizes Bag Stabilization

Holds 55 lbs Of Water

Reinforced Exterior

Anchor your training bag in minutes. The Hayabusa Double End Heavy Bag Anchor fastens to any punching bag to provide maximum stabilization; you only need water or sand. Its large bladder holds up to 900 oz or ~55 lbs of water, the perfect weight to anchor a double end bag or prevent your heavy bag from swaying. Constructed from heavy-duty canvas fabric, with reinforced nylon webbing and a sturdy triangular D-ring on top to distribute tension effectively.

  • Provides an anchored base for all training bags to maximize stabilization
  • Perfect for double end bags and heavy punching bags
  • Heavy-duty canvas exterior is constructed to resist wear and tear
  • Thick bladder with twist cap holds up to 55 lbs of water (ships unfilled)
  • Reinforced nylon webbing secures steel triangular D-ring in place
  • Can be filled with sand instead to increase weight