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Stórar stærðir - Sizing: Runs large 

Supreme Ankle Support

Responsive Control Strap

Anchored Traction Outsole


Strike Boxing Shoes

Supportive boxing training shoes with instant responsive control and specialized high-traction outsoles. Hayabusa’s Strike Boxing Shoes deliver unwavering stability, fortifying your every step with a supportive mid-top structure. The variable tension strap is perfect for pro boxing training sessions, offering a responsive fit for instant control and feedback. Finished with a bespoke outsole crafted for swift, dynamic workout routines while providing balance and anchored traction that keeps your feet firmly planted.




  • For a form fit, choose one size down from your foot length
  • For a traditional fit, choose a size based on foot length
  • If you have wider feet, choose a traditional fit
  • Supremely supportive mid-height structure provides stability to the ankles and foot
  • Variable tension strap delivers a responsive fit with instant control for agile boxers
  • Bespoke outsole is crafted for dynamic movement, delivering balance and anchored traction 
  • Streamlined design is optimized for weight shifting, pinpoint pivots, & swift footwork 
  • Shock-absorbing drop-in midsole offers fatigue-reducing cushioned comfort 
  • Breathable mesh exterior ventilates heat to keep feet comfortable