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Excellent for the more experienced and those who often practice sparring, they allow you to make many more turns around the hand to create a consistent padding.



    There are several techniques for creating a bandage, for the less experienced here is a practical guide to bandaging the hand correctly.

    1. Each band has a small loop at the end: put it in your thumb.
    2. Proceed to wrap your wrist for 3-4 turns.
    3. Now move on to wrap your knuckles, make sure not to tighten too much by closing your fist as you turn.
    4. Now pass the band between each finger, thumb included
    5. Go back to the wrist and close the bandage thanks to the velcro.


    Always rely on your master, he will know how to indicate the correct way.

    TIP: After training, don't roll up the bandages again! Sweat them open and then wash them. Roll them up again only when dry.