Thinker Monkey - Hvítur

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The Tatami Thinker Monkey Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is a master piece in a kimono. A great piece of work with collaboration from Chris Burns. The Artwork covers the gi inside and out. The outside of the stylishly fillled with embroidery work and royal blue contrast stitching, while the inside features detailed work in a sublimation panel. The sublimation panel on inside is of full length which is rare to see. Although the inside uses a full mesh lining, it is comfortable as can be and it adds design elements without compromising the functionality or breathability of the Gi top.

Tatami goes above and beyond for the construction of this gi. Making sure to secure the inner lining so it will not sag or pull away from the gi weave. The art inside is sublimated so it will never fade or peel. A gi top of 550 GSM pearl weave gives unparalleled durability and a 12oz canvas pants gives durable comfort. All of the usual reinforcements are taken in this kimono including extended knee reinforcements, triple stitching in the stress points and a thick drawstring.

Another unique feature is the multiple loop system now also includes an extra wide outside loop that doubles are a graphic woven patch. Truly unique and fresh.

Technical Features:

  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave top
  • 12 oz. canvas cotton pants
  • Breathable mesh lining sublimated Illustration by Chris Burns
  • Extended knee reinforcements
  • Royal Blue stitching
  • High-quality embroideries
  • Stretchy cord drawstring with multiple loops
  • Outside loop that doubles as graphic patch